COVID-19 and how this might end?

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People around the globe just have a one question in mind. How Corona Virus also known as COVID-19 will end? The world is in terror and its a situation where people have forgot about their daily schedule and are compelled to accept different routine. Every morning or say every moment they are just going through news. They are active online portal or through television to get some good news. Everyday they are getting the same news, the rapid growing COVID-19 cases all around the globe. 

Most of the countries already started to take an action to get rid of this virus. Thank you for this technology that people in most countries are now aware about this pandemic. They are taking all the measures to prevent from this virus. If you are here to know more about COVID-19 and its extinct, you are in right place. So, we will discuss about what really is Corona Virus or COVID-19 and how this might end?

Corona viruses are a type of virus or family of virus. We find these viruses are commonly on animals. Very few viruses are transmitted to human beings. Some previously transmitted corona related viruses are MERS (Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). These two type of viruses has killed thousands of human beings before


COVID-19 is new type of Coronavirus which was first discovered by the doctors of Wuhan, China. It is transmitted from person to person either through the direct contact or through sneeze or cough of the person having this virus. Coronavirus is less severe to the people with high immune system. It is life threatening to the people with chronic disease, old people, people with low immune system. WHO (World Health Organization) has explained detail about this virus here. It is not certain that our threat is over after the end of this pandemic or after end of this COVID-19. Coronavirus can change its forms and even be more dangerous. But there are only few chances that it transmits from the animals to to human beings. 

So, how COVID-19 will come to an end? The first outbreak of virus, China has successfully fight against this virus and is able to recover from this pandemic. The major action they did was locking down the whole province and giving a proper cure to the patients. As of now, there is no such vaccine or medicine to get rid of this virus. The technology of world is giving its best to find the cure. Laboratories and doctors are trying old drugs that they have built for curing different other disease like malaria, HIV etc. Some of them have mentioned that they are able to cure some patient with those treatment procedure. Though its not officially adopted yet. 

One research have analyzed that, Stopping COVID-19 could require eight months of ‘aggressive social distancing,’ outbreak modelling shows. This is a great news, at least we can try social distancing to stop this virus. If we find the drugs or vaccine soon, this thing is going to end up soon. But this doesn’t seems to become feasible yet. Some virus can only be prevented, not cured. We can take HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) as an example. There are only 2 cases of fully recovered from HIV. Millions of people are living with HIV and Millions of people already died due to chronic HIV, i.e AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Prediction: Number of active cases of COVID-19 will start to decline from end of April 2020. The last patient of COVID-19 will be recovered by the end of August 2020. USA is going to top the chart and will cross 0.2 Million total cases.

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March 26, 2020 6:22 am

Nice post hope your predictions work out

Viral Prediction
Reply to  Manoj
March 26, 2020 9:11 am

Thank you so mcuh for your feedback.

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