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There could be huge Internet Blackout in India

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People around the world are facing crisis due to the impact of Corona virus termed as COVID-19. The country with second largest population, India has also got some cases regarding this pandemic virus including some celebrities and the high personnel. There are 329 cases of COVID-19 as of March 21, 2020 out of which 5 are already dead. The number is increasing day by day and might grow exponentially if you have a look at the statistics of virus spreading in other countries. Government has declared a state of emergency and this could result in huge internet blackout in India.

The government of India has declared the emergency and asked its people to stay at home. Though people are still not being responsible. They are just avoiding the government notice and enjoying the lock-down as a vacation. People are equally making the group and crowd in different places of cities specially parks, bus-stops, restaurants etc. Even a celebrity was found having the virus and attending different events. This caught government’s attention and government declared a curfew lock-down.

India has 1.3 Billion population as of 2017 according to Worldometer. There are 560 Million internet users. People in cities are mostly accessible to internet. And government has focused their lock-down in cities which will directly impact in high internet uses. The internet providers of India have not measured such situations. 

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India is also high ranked in context of online gaming. Most of the youths are very much addicted to online platform gaming like PUBG, DOTA 2, Grand Theft Auto etc. The online gaming in mobile is also hyped in India. People are playing games in mobile phone using internet data provided by their Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM) network. Online gaming can range to peak network bandwidth usage. 

Also, there are different online streaming platforms that are being trending in India. Some major streaming providers are Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar etc. People are streaming these application now a days for the purpose of entertainment and will surely leads to high usage of internet.

Most of the home internet users has shared line of internet. This means the more the user the less the internet speed. This will eventually could be huge Internet Blackout in India as the current network might not handle the network traffic with this huge amount. Though the internet outage is not the first time in India. India set a record in internet blockade more than any country in 2019. Some internet outage was intentional, and some was due to technical fault.

It is a government great effort for locking down the country for avoiding possible harsh outcome. And people should understand the consequences and try to bear the possible result. At least with the internet blackout they are not going to get caught by this deadly virus.

Prediction: There might be internet blackout in India on 22nd of March 2020. This might affect the significant population of India for around 24 hours. 

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