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Viral Prediction for the week of 27th March

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This week we had numbers of prediction and this post is the summary of all our predictions. If you haven’t gone through our predictions in our social site pages, then you can see all of them here. So, this post tries to summarize all Viral Prediction of the week 27th March. Before going further please don’t forget to participate in our first Predict & Win contest (Free Entry).


Regarding the total cases by country, Italy and USA will surpass China by 27th March 2020. This prediction was correct as USA did surpassed China on 26th of March and Italy surpassed China on 27th of March. The number of total COVID-19 cases is skyrocketing.


This prediction is regarding COVID-19. According to this prediction, USA will be the country with highest COVID-19. Total cases will be more than 0.2 million. As of today i.e 27 March 2020 the cases of USA has surpassed 0.1 Million. You can see number of events here in World Health Organization (WHO) site.


Due to less emission of carbon in the air it is predicted that, Ozone layer will heal for next few months. There will be gradual decrement of skin diseases for next few years. Spread of deadly virus COVID-19 has lock-down number of big cities and bigger factories are set closed.


US public will lose their trust with US government with their health and safety related issue. It will take more than 10 years to gain their trust back even after US government give their best governance. US Government is still not locking down its cities.


Demand will be high, and price of car will increase right after the effect of COVID-19 will decreases. Another increment factor is the decrement of gasoline price

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