After COVID-19 is over

What will happen after COVID-19 is over?

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#StayHome, this hash tag is most trending in all the social media. People are even using DP with frame “Stay Home” quote. In this generation, most people in developing countries probably had situation like this before due to civil war, strikes, riots etc. But people in developed countries, they have merely faced situation like this. Truth is, they didn’t even believe about this deadly virus when it was just wondering in cities of China. One thing is very clear that, people will not believe in something until and unless they get directly harmed either physically or mentally. Rather than, what will happen after COVID-19, people are keen to know about this pandemic eradication.

So, first question is, “Is it going to be over?”,” How this might end?”. Yes, it is going to be over. Nothing is permanent, and we are pretty sure that COVID-19 will also eradicate by the time. It is just a matter of time that we need to struggle with this virus. As people have lots of spare time to analyze, occasionally everyone might have this thought, “What will happen after COVID-19 is over?”. If you have not such thoughts, then you probably are interested to know the aftermath of COVID-19. At least it is clear that there are lots of changes in the world due to COVID-19 and it will take time to come back everything to normal. And there are still some changes that is never going to change again and stays forever.

We “Viral Prediction” had predicted that the number of COVID-19 cases will start to decrease by the end of April and will completely end on August. So, what will happen after COVID-19 is over? We have grabbed some of them here. We are trying to elaborate it as simple as possible.

Economy changes

IMF (International Monetary Fund) stated that global economy will shrink 3% this year because of COVID-19. Only the essential companies will be sustained till the end of this pandemic. Other non-essential companies’ value will decrease as it graphs of income has reached to negative. Start-ups are going hit hard and some even may not get back to business. Investors are backing off and they will take a long run before they start investing. Collection of taxes will be very less in the century. There will be huge changes in money exchange. Those country who can sustain its economic condition with all this pandemic are going to be succeed in terms of economy but will fail to gain their citizens trust.

Right after the pandemic is over, luxurious items consumption will increase and consumption of essential items will be back to normal. Domestic human resource companies will start getting benefits as their client increases but international human resource companies take time to gain back but once it started getting payback, they will gain a lot. At least it will take 1 more year for most of the business to be back to normal.

Domestic household impact

If you are married or if you stay with your family, then you will feel the impact of COVID-19 otherwise it is all same. It is recorded more domestic violence and fewer other crimes in this pandemic. People are not used to with these and people are throwing all the frustrations to the people who is close due to which there will be more divorce rate. Bonding between the families who are staying apart will be stronger.


Are people lazy? I mean they are not lazy, but they are seeking convenience. People are buying things online and there are also advantages of it. Due to COVID-19, traffic in online stores are so much that shipping items to people has changed from 2-3 days to 15-20 days or more. Stores few blocks away started selling online only and you have wait for it for more than weeks to arrive.

Number of people shopping online will certainly increase even after COVID-19 is over because person will be used to the convenience they get while buying online. Hybrid stores with both physical and virtual location will certainly upgrade the quality of online services. Number of online stores are also going to increase.

Health system

People who were health concerned will be more concerned about health and the people who were not serious about their health will just be back to their normal routine. But the respect to health workers will be more. Most people will know that daily hygiene is the key to stay healthy and they all cannot rely upon the health system fully.

Lifestyle and social rules of people

How people used to give you a look when you invade their personal space? Like when you are in a queue, in a group, in a bus stop, public transport etc. Now people will encounter that look much often or even you might get some rattle away from people regarding their personal space. People will start noticing sneezes and coughs. Some even try to stop their own sneezes and coughs. Wearing mask and staying out of way will not be disrespect to others. Uses of sanitizers will increase and will be available in most of the public places.

Education system

People studying online is hyped since past few years and this pandemic will uplift this model. High school, college, government and corporate training will also shift online. Many education institutions will start online activities as a major feature to attract students. And the parents will fall for this scheme. Most of the expensive schools or colleges will start online class for the students who won’t be able to attend school due to sickness or other reasons.


Millions of people are unemployed due to COVID-19. Obviously, some might resume their jobs but most of the unemployed people due to this pandemic won’t be able to get back to job normally. There will be shortage of employees due to slow hiring process and at the same time the fluctuation of people being employed and unemployed will be there for quite long term. Initially, workers will hesitate to work on large companies (specially factories) due to doubt of getting ill with this virus. Not only health workers, but all other jobs like teacher, farmers, truck drivers, loggers etc. pride will be restored, and they will be renowned as a backbone of the country.

What is going to stay forever?

There are lots of thing COVID-19 will change and some of them will get back to normal and some will stay forever. Records of COVID-19 cases is also going to be forever in the history. Impact of this pandemic will be very long in all the sectors of the human life. News and Online media will cover about COVID-19 continuously for around 6 months after it is eradicated though it will hit the headline few times after that. People will know and will keep in mind that there are still infinite things that human beings need to know and discover. We cannot rely on technology and development completely.

Please give your views and your prediction about COVID-19 in comment section below. Please like and follow us on our social sites (Facebook) for more quick updates about more upcoming analysis and predictions. You can email us directly at to contact us. 

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April 18, 2020 4:55 pm

Great article and analysis. I had gone through your article. almost every sector are included. if you explain about the new opportunity which will increase after this COVID-19 it will be awesome.

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